Break-ins causing neighborhood safety concerns in B'ham

Break-in concerns in JeffCo neighborhood

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - One Birmingham neighborhood has experienced almost 10 break-ins in three days. Neighbors have a picture of a suspect and they know his method.

Folks living in the Mountain View Forest subdivision, near Ross Bridge, are on edge tonight, and now taking measures to protect their homes.

Neighbors believe one of the suspects breaking into homes along Calgary Drive is seen in surveillance video caught by a neighbor. He appears to have tattoos all down his arms. Neighbors say these crooks go so far as to jiggle door knobs to get inside the homes. They think thieves so far have stolen cash, tools, a generator and $2500 worth of meat from a caterer.

"They came and cut our screen door, I guess in an attempt to see if our back patio door was unlocked," says Sonya Tinker.

Tinker says that happened Sunday morning, but they didn't know it until Monday afternoon when a neighbor noticed the same thing.

"It's hard for me to even get a good night's sleep cause I keep thinking, what if they come back? You think about the what-ifs? What if they had come in?"

Jessie Young's house wasn't hit, but he lives right down the road from someone who was.

"It's shameful, you know, we have an upscale neighborhood and we just don't expect that to happen," says Young.

Both Young and Tinker are now installing cameras and worry some neighbors might not even know yet if they're a victim.

"I think these people are working in groups, I don't think it's just one or two people, it's probably four or five people, they have a driver, they have people walking home to home. Something needs to be done about it. We need more security and these people need to be caught," says Tinker.

One neighbor who has lived there for 11 years says they've never seen crime like this there before and says these thieves will likely not bother them again, given that everyone is on high alert. If you know anything about these break-ins, you are urged to call Birmingham Police Department.

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