Water restored for woman with $4K bill, but woes aren't over

Water bill confusion at apartment complex

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - When we met Devonshire Apartment resident Debra Caldwell last week, her water was off, and her frustration level was on.

"When you left the call came in," she said.

It was a call informing her that her water will be turned on.

"She said she was from customer service and they were going to send someone out and turn the water back on," she said.

Caldwell said the good news was short lived.

"They're still looking for me to pay that $1,180 bill. I can't afford it. My income don't afford it," she said.

Workers the apartment complex hired found a leak outside of Caldwell's apartment, but It wasn't repaired until several months after she got these high water bills for the line tied to her meter.

Even a week after our initial visit, we saw what looks like water still flowing outside her unit.

Birmingham Water Works says in cases like Caldwell's it's common to work with customers but the system can't write off all of the lost water. The Water Works also says their contract is with this tenant, not the apartment complex.

"It's beginning to make me want to move," said Caldwell.

We reached out to the apartment complex several times during business hours. No one picked up the phone.

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