Community shocked by attempted kidnapping at Walker Co. park

Woman escapes kidnapping, man arrested
(Source: WBRC Video)
(Source: WBRC Video)

JASPER, AL (WBRC) - Authorities in Jasper said a man attempted to kidnap a woman at Gamble Park on Wednesday.

This shocks many people who use the park. Mark Burkett lives near Gamble Park and likes to walk with his daughter. Word of the attack spread quickly around the area.

"It's sad it would happen here in Jasper or anywhere," Burkett said.

Amelia Whitt also likes to come to Gamble Park. She feels perfectly safe here.

"I'm in the park pretty frequently. We just assume it's safe. I mean you got cops all the time." Whitt said.

Neighbors tell us a man attempted to grab a woman and force her into his car after 4 p.m. She escaped and the man was captured a short time later.

"It makes me proud of what the police does, has done to act so quickly." Burkett said.

Authorities believe he could face multiple charges.

The police department provides regular patrols for the park, which is right across the street from Bevill State Community College. People who come to the park plan to return.

"I probably won't come alone as often as I do." Whitt said.

Burkett says he would also want his daughter to keep her eyes open in the future.

"Just be cautious. Try to have some with you to be on the safe side." Burkett said.

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