Woman scammed while trying to apply for job at new Amazon plant

Warning about Amazon job scam

BESSEMER, AL (WBRC) - Work is underway in Bessemer to have the Amazon fulfillment center ready to open next year. The retailer will ultimately offer up to 1,500 sought-after jobs, but one woman said she was a victim of a scam while trying to apply.

The Better Business Bureau said a woman tried to apply for a job at the Bessemer site using a phone number she found online. Experts say this was her first mistake.

"What is happening, someone is paying to promote their website to go higher up on the search results with search engines. That is why people are calling the wrong number," said Ande Kral with the Better Business Bureau of Central and South Alabama.

The woman called a possible scammer, not Amazon. She turned over a lot of personal information.

"She ended up actually giving her bank account number and access to her computer. She thought, I guess, she was giving her direct deposit information when she got the job," Kral said.

That's when the woman smelled a rat, stopped and turned off her computer. Kral said there are other scams going on with people trying to land a job with Amazon.

"If you are being solicited by phone or email for an Amazon job offer. Odds are it's not going to be legitimate job offer, especially offers where you work from home make a high amount of money," Kral said.

Kral says Amazon does not solicit that way and is not accepting job applications just yet. A spokesman for the city of Bessemer tells us the company may not seek job applicants until almost summer of next year.

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