Humidity slowly increasing this weekend

Humidity slowly increasing this weekend

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - It has been an absolutely gorgeous start to your Thursday. We are seeing plenty of sunshine with a few clouds around. Temperatures are mostly in the upper 70s and lower 80s around noon.

You might notice a little bit of a haze in the sky. It is thanks to some of the wildfire smoke that originated in parts of the Pacific Northwest. Besides the haze, it feels great because the dew points are lower. Most of us in the 60s so it doesn't feel nearly as muggy. Once dew points climb into the 70s it feels very muggy.

Great weather to enjoy dinner outside. Temperatures in the lower 80s around 6 p.m. We'll drop into the 70s by this evening and remaining dry and comfortable.

Humidity levels are expected to slowly increase as we approach the weekend. We'll introduce isolated showers or storms on Saturday and Sunday, but most of us will likely remain dry. 

Next big thing will be the hot temperatures returning as we finish out the month of August. Highs will likely climb into the lower 90s. When you factor in the humidity, we could see heat indices in the upper 90s to near 100 by early next week. 

Hurricane Lane has weakened a little this morning but still a formidable hurricane with wind speeds around 130 mph. We aren't expecting a directly landfall with Lane as it approaches Hawaii, but they will definitely receive outer rain bands capable of producing tropical storm force winds, heavy rain, flooding, and of course storm surge. You can get the latest track from Hurricane Lane by downloading our WBRC First Alert App.

Enjoy the next couple of days as we enjoy the dry conditions. Our summertime pattern returns next week as we gear up for college football!

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