Fultondale residents worried about subdivision shortcut

People fear shortcut could be dangerous

FULTONDALE, AL (WBRC) - Residents of a Fultondale neighborhood believe a shortcut is a threat to lives and property.

A piece of property in the Town Square subdivision has stood empty for years. It's too small to build a house. Rather than drive 25 yards to the entrance, people are cutting through to the neighborhood.

That worries Jeremey Smith who lives a short distance away. "My biggest concern somebody is going to be paying attention to their cell phone or intoxicated or running from the law or all the above, run into my house," Smith said.

Smith's house is immediately across from the roadway. He believes it will lead to something bad.

"Definitely property damage. It's an accident waiting to happen," Smith said.

Smith took his concerns to the Fultondale City Council. Mayor Jim Lowery ordered a review of ways to protect homes and homeowners.

Phillip Louden lives at Town Square and he works for the city. "We got boulders we located in different parts of the city where we did construction. We are going to place them. It will look nice. It will prevent cars and trucks from driving through," Fultondale Park and Rec Director Phillip Loden said.

Work should wrap up by next week on the boulder placement. A nearby homeowner has purchased the property and plans some landscaping in the future.

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