Hundreds plan to meet for trauma youth training in Tuscaloosa

Hundreds plan to meet for trauma youth training in Tuscaloosa

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - More than 100 foster parents and professionals that deal with children suffering from trauma will meet in Tuscaloosa Wednesday morning.

Along with foster parents, social workers, therapists, and child services workers will take part in today's trauma youth systems training.

UA professors working in the social work and community health sciences departments said everyone participating will learn how the therapy can be applied to best serve the child.

For example, everyone in the child's life will need to know how to communicate with each other and be on the same page about what kind of environment they can create, that accommodates the traumatic experiences, he or she has gone through.

They hope the intervention will provide a more organized way to be there for these kids who have been abused, seen death, a scary weather event or more.

"These children are kids who have suffered something awful but they're not victims, they're not bad, they can be helped," said Brian Gannon UA assistant professor.

"Change their response to children, rather than saying you're bad and going to time out say I understand you're scared," said Debra Nelson-Gardell UA associate professor.

Trauma systems therapy coordinators plan to help 25 kids this first year using the new intervention program but their hope is to expand it across the state.

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