ABC Coke applying for air pollution permit renewal

ABC Coke license up for renewal

TARRANT, AL (WBRC) - ABC Coke, a Drummond company in Tarrant, is applying for renewal of their air pollution permit. And the department of health wants to hear from the public about it.

The plant creates coke by heating coal to drive off volatile organic compounds. The result is a fuel used in steel-making. They also produce light oil and tar used for asphalt. This is the first time the plant has applied for a renewal since the corruption trial involving Balch and Bingham and Drummond Coal Company. The Jefferson County Department of Health wants to hear from people living around the plant who may have an issue with the plant.

"So you know, odor is one of those things that sometimes can be very subjective, it's a little harder sometimes. But if we find a significant thing, we always try to go out there anytime day or night to look at those things. You know if we get a significant number of people saying, hey it's happening at night, we'll send inspectors out there to look at it. We want to address the community's concerns as much as we possibly can," says Environmental Health Director Jonathan Stanton.

They'll be taking comments from folks up to September 21.  Go to our website for information on how to reach them.

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