Youth group transforms empty lots to community garden in Ensley

Community garden built in Ensley

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Young volunteers in Birmingham transformed three empty lots into community gardens in Ensley. It's something said to be a much-needed addition.

"All the weeds got pulled. We created new, raise bed gardens. We planted some new herbs for the fall. And just, fellowship more or less," said Alexander Brewer.

The Dioceses of Birmingham Youth Serve worked with Holy Family Catholic Academy, Holy Family Catholic Church and the Tuxedo Neighborhood community to bring life the empty lots.

"They jumped in, their youth ministers jumped in. This could not have been done at all without these kids," Brewer said. "In the Ensley area right now, it's not a food desert, but there's only one true grocery store where you can get true produce.

Brewer's goal is to create an organic, sustainable lifestyle for people who live around here.

"In my heart, I feel there was a need for the community to do this, so that's what this has turned into," he said.

Brewer's dream turned into action with $3,000 from the Love Your Block Grant from the Mayor's Office.

"If you come work the garden, you get free vegetables. We will have harvest days where we sell the fruits and vegetables at a very reduced rate. Just to maintain our supplies for the seeds and the gas for our weed eaters. But it's not for profit. This is only to feed the community," Brewer said.

The community garden is at the intersection of Avenue T and 19th street. Brewer says they should have vegetables ready to eat some time early this fall.

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