New gas tax bill could raise funds for road improvements

Tax could raise gas prices, improve roads

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Alabama drivers are already paying extra for gas this summer, but would they pay a few cents more if the money went to fixing roads and bridges?

"(The roads) are terrible. Holes everywhere," Patricia Pruitt said.

"It's bad to me. We got roads out there damaged. Potholes and stuff like that," said Gary Allen.

Association of County Commissions of Alabama says work is underway on another gas tax bill.

The bill could resemble a bill from last year. That bill would raise the tax on gas and diesel four cents the first year. Then a year later would raise another two cents. With an option to raise another three cents five years later, some drivers say they agree with the tax increase.

"How quick can they fix some of those holes because holes tear up your vehicle," Pruitt said.

But others want more accountability of the tax dollars already going to Montgomery.

"I'm trying to figure out with all of the money, all of the billions of dollars being generated, where is all the money going to?" Allen said.

There no question there is a demand for improving roads and bridges across Alabama but many lawmakers believe even with that it's still going to be an uphill fight for the gas tax in the state legislature.

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