Brighton senior center in desperate need of AC unit

Senior center in desperate need of AC

BRIGHTON, AL (WBRC) - It's hot out there and the temperatures are sometimes unbearable, but imagine not having any way to keep cool. That's the story for the seniors who visit Brighton's Senior Center.

Inside the building Thursday evening, the thermostat read 90 degrees and that was with five fans in the building.

Someone stole the copper from the AC unit several years ago.

The city has been cash-strapped for just as many years and couldn't afford to fix the broken unit.

"The city hasn't gotten an opportunity to do so because our funds are low. So we are doing the best we can to keep our seniors cool during the summer months," said Shawn Dale Johnson, Brighton City Councilwoman.

Despite the scorching temperatures, Johnson said there are still about 20 faithful seniors in the community who stop by the center Monday through Thursday when the doors are open.

Johnson is asking for help to provide the seniors with some relief.

"We don't want to subject any of our seniors to get sick - heat stroke, faint, or anything that would be a result of the heat," she continued.

Johnson said no donation is too small. If you would like to help, you're asked to call Councilwoman Shawn Dale Johnson at 205-541-4484 or the senior center's program director, Sadie Swyne at 205-329-3313.

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