Pool safety this summer

Pool safety technology

(WBRC) - Swimming in the pool or lake can be one of the best parts of the summer season, but it can also turn dangerous or tragic in a matter of seconds when young kids are close to water.

"As a pediatrician and a mother, I love the water, but it makes me very nervous," says Children's Hospital pediatrician and UAB assistant professor Dr. Candice Dye.

Dr. Dye says the most effective protection for your kids when they're close to water is your full attention. "An alert adult that is supervising a child is the most important thing, the most foolproof thing, the most reliable thing."

The designated adult that's not on their phone, that's not reading the People magazine or just being social with other adults.

New technology can also help you out in a number of ways. Some of the new products out this year include the Pool Patrol alarm. You place it in the water, and as soon as it detects a splash like the one your child might make from jumping in, it sounds the alarm.

The safety turtle says you can put it on your child's wrist so that the minute it goes underwater, it sounds an alarm you place anywhere in your house.

For the more advanced swimmer, there's inflatable protection--the Kingii wristband that has an inflatable inside. The moment you pull the trigger, it inflates and pulls you along with it to the surface.

"If it helps make you feel more comfortable and gives you added protection. I mean, I'm the person that if I'm tying a knot I tie it 5 times so it's really tight--so if that gives you that extra protection, that increased comfort, then sure, then find something that works for you," says Dr. Dye. "The one thing you don't want it to do is to decrease your awareness or give you a false sense of security."

And if you're a pool owner, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends having a fence around all 4 sides of your pool with a self-closing and locking gate, and your house can't count as one of the 4 sides of that fence.

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