Tuscaloosa woman seeks help after home floods six times

Tuscaloosa resident fed up with flooding

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Friday's rainstorm flooded out one woman's home in Tuscaloosa, but she said this isn't the first time and that she's been battling major flooding there for over a decade.

The historic Downs neighborhood was built in the 1940's and according to one woman the drainage system there is still stuck in that era.

Sarah Perdue took to Facebook Live Friday after her home saw massive amounts of water creep in, flooding the floor and everywhere else.

Since 2010, she's experienced six damaging floods.

She has tried to work with city engineers and officials over the years, but a permanent solution still hasn't been met.

"When it rains and you're not us and you're in bed at night you think oh that's nice and you drift off. When you're us you grab a flashlight and look out the window to see how high the ditch is. We feel abandoned we feel ignored," said Sarah Perdue Lives in the Downs neighborhood.

Perdue plans to voice her concerns at Tuesday's city council meeting. Councilwoman Raevan Howard said she visited Perdue's home prior to the flood and has recently contacted the city engineer to see if a fix can be made soon.

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