Would a tech giant like Facebook come to Birmingham?

Would a tech giant like Facebook come to Birmingham?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Make no mistake the announcement that Facebook is bringing a $750 million data facility to Huntsville is a big win for the entire state.

However, the fact remains that the facility will be in Huntsville - not Birmingham. So what would it take to attract a tech giant like Facebook to the Magic City?

"Well I need access to land labor and capital. Those are the basics of business," said UAB finance professor Stephanie Yates.

According to Yates, Huntsville probably has more open space than Birmingham for this size facility. Then there's labor.

"Huntsville already has a built in labor market that's a little more focused on the needs that a Facebook would have," said Yates. "That doesn't mean that Huntsville is any better or any worse than Birmingham. It's just more tailored (to Facebook's needs)."

When asked about bringing tech companies, the Birmingham's mayor office gave us the following statement:

We are very proud of our homegrown companies, which are growing, creating jobs and offering new opportunities. We're also focused on attracting and developing the talent that will enable job creation in the key growth clusters of information technology, automotive manufacturing, healthcare and life sciences.

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