Would higher-speed broadband bring more jobs to Birmingham?

Would higher-speed broadband bring more jobs to Birmingham?

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - One of the keys to innovation and new jobs in our area may be something you've never thought about: broadband internet access.

That's part of what Steve Spencer, the president of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, told The Birmingham Business Journal.

Spencer believes if Birmingham had a higher-speed broadband throughout the state it would lead to several economic drivers like encouraging more businesses and more people to move to the area. They would know Alabama has the technology to support it all.

When asked, Alabama Senator Doug Jones said he couldn't agree more and that's what he's advocating.

"That's the wave of the future.  A city or a community that doesn't have high speed broadband in the future is going to have serious trouble in their educational system and their healthcare, you name it, even attracting businesses or keeping businesses as we do so much these days online," said Jones.

The Birmingham Mayor's office also told WBRC in a statement they are working to improve internet access across the city. In a statement, the office said:

We are engaged with several national communications companies on deploying fiber in various parts of the city. Our goals are to create a citywide strategy to ensure the best possible coverage and access for our residents and business community. We will have some very exciting opportunities to announce in the near future. These opportunities will have tremendous impact on the city's broadband,

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