Karle's Korner: Pell City Sign At Health Club: Are You Fat And Ugly? Sign Up Here!

Karle's Korner: Pell City Sign At Health Club: Are You Fat And Ugly? Sign Up Here!

PELL CITY, AL (WBRC) - The following is a commentary blog from WBRC FOX6 Sports Director Rick Karle:

I don't know about you, but when I'm driving down the road, I always enjoy seeing a roadside sign that reminds me that I'm fat AND ugly- like I don't hear that enough at home (I kid, I think).

There the sign stands, right off Cogswell Avenue in Pell City, where inside a health club stand muscle bound workout freaks, and outside sits, well, me.  You see, Scott Campbell owns Pell City Fitness and he wants to get us moving.

The best way for this U.S. Army warrant officer to do that? We fat slobs can either drop and give him twenty, or simply read the sign outside his business. "Tired Of Being Fat And Ugly? Just Be Ugly" the sign reads. "Wow", I think to myself, "I could lose those extra 8 pounds, tighten up the abs and work on the pecs and I'd still look like a German Shepherd.

Scott Campbell wants us to look good- he really does. But while his sign is, well, motivating, it has also teed off some of the local town folk, who consider the sign a bit over the top.

So when Scott received a call from the city's sign enforcement officer (these people really exist?), Campbell was not totally shocked when he was asked to take the sign down. The reason? Not because of any body shaming message, but because, he was told, the sign was too big (maybe the sign needs to lose some weight).  The good news? Scott tells me the city manager is a really nice guy and expects a new permit soon which will enable him to keep the sign right where it is.

Scott's message? The gym owner tells me, "We're just having some fun. We all love one another here. We're just reminding people that perhaps now is the right time to undergo a serious self-evaluation. Remember, you can help fat but you can't help ugly." Actually, Scott could fix ugly if he hired a plastic surgeon who had an office right next to the treadmill. He could offer up special for the month of June: One gym membership and a shot of Botox for the low price of $39.99. Six months later, Hollywood would be ordering up it's newest reality show: "The Real Housewives Of St. Clair County".

Will the sign remain? Man, I hope so. Because for my money, there's not a better feeling than to put on my workout clothes, hit the elliptical, lift some kettle bells and then jump into a spin class. Man, do I feel great when I sit in a steam room after a long, tough workout. Even if I'm still ugly.

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