New breast cancer research launches at UA

New breast cancer research launches at UA
Breast cancer research at the University of Alabama.

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - The University of Alabama is launching new breast cancer research focusing on metastasized cells that are active or asleep in the brain.

They've managed to create a mock brain, testing it in environments to see how the cells react.

Researchers hope the study will help them come up with more effective therapies to treat breast cancer that spreads.

"A lot of the deaths from breast cancer occur because of Metastasis so the cancer initially spreading to other organs and so the more we understand about it different organs obviously the better we will be equipped to kind of target these particular cells," said Dr. Shreyas Rao, a UA assistant professor.

The half a million-dollar research will be used to study this kind of breast cancer over the next five years.

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