Neighbors upset over road and water issues in Northport

Neighbors upset over road and water issues in Northport
Tom Taylor Road in Northport.

NORTHPORT, AL (WBRC) - Tom Taylor Road is one of two roads that drivers in Northport have been complaining about for years.

On top of that, recently, they have noticed their water pressure is unusually low.

"I'm just sick of tired of this dirt dusty road," said Northport resident Clifford White.

When your dirt road is among the only few in town still unpaved, Clifford White said it's easy to feel ignored.

"Lived here 33 years now and every mayor in Northport talked to me about paving this road, every councilman has talked to me about paving this road," said White.

Neighbors said both roads are in a terrible state and they want results from current city leaders.

"You know I can't keep the promises of the former city council," said Councilman Robby Davis.

Councilman Robby Davis said they plan to have someone spray calcium chloride on Tom Taylor Road and Jones road as a temporary fix.

"They have not been forgotten. Trust me, we want to right now alleviate the dust and take care of that issue. I know they have some health concerns as far as breathing in the dust," said Davis.

"I had to fight to get water and now I have to fight to get a road paved," said White.

Clifford White helped get a well for his neighborhood over 20 years ago.

He and his neighbors are now dealing with the headache of low water pressure issues, too.

"Taking a hot shower long enough to get hot because we can't get enough pressure there. It's sad that we have to live like this and paying city taxes and can't get nothing done," said White.

Councilman Davis said they will talk about the state of Tom Taylor Road and Jones Road in their projects committee meeting next Monday.

He also said engineers are working on finding out what's causing the extremely low water pressure in this area.

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