Mother prepares to represent deceased daughter at Thompson HS graduation

Mother prepares to represent deceased daughter at Thompson HS graduation
Camryn "Cici" Callaway, 17.

ALABASTER, AL (WBRC) - Feb. 22, 2018 is the day Camryn "Cici" Callaway donned a beautiful smile for her cap and gown pictures. It was also the day the 17-year-old Thompson High School senior lost her life.

On Monday, we talked with Michelle Lunsford, her mother, and asked how she is doing.

"You know you have your ups and your downs and you're doing fine, and something you see reminds you of her and have your meltdown and you say a prayer and get back to life," said Lunsford.

Lunsford says part of her strength comes from making sure her daughter's death isn't in vain. Cici died while texting and driving. Lunsford is speaking to whomever will listen about the dangers of doing so.

Even through her strength, she can't deny this month of May will be hard. Graduation is just around the corner, and Cici won't be there.

Students at Thompson High School have already shared ways they plan to honor their classmate's memory.

"Senior breakfast is the day before graduation and pictures, and she'll be honored at a table of her closest friends," Lunsford said.

On graduation day, Lunsford will walk that stage and receive Cici's diploma she worked so hard to earn.

"They've included her. They've honored her by continuing on had she actually graduated. She just graduated to a different place," said Lunsford.

We reached out to principals at both Huffman High School and Parker High School in the Birmingham School System, as they have lost senior classmates

as well. A school system spokesperson says their graduation plans are still being finalized.

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