Tough day for Parker High School; Tough year for Birmingham City Schools

5 Birmingham students killed this year

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Two months, three separate tragedies, and five students killed. It has been an emotional year of loss for Birmingham City Schools.

Courtlin Arrington was shot and killed at Huffman High on March 7.

Then last Tuesday, Huffman student Nyteria Spigner was killed while running from a shooting at the Inglenook Rec. Center.

And early Sunday morning, three Parker High School seniors were killed in a horrific crash.

The three seniors were killed in a wreck at the intersection of Green Springs Highway and Lakeshore Parkway. Parker's prom was Saturday night, but the principal says none of the victims attended the prom.

On Sunday evening, Parker High School officials met to discuss the best ways that they could help students on Monday morning.

Darrell Hudson is the of Parker High School and he says Monday was the hardest day that he has faced throughout his entire educational career.

"Today, our focus and goal was to make sure that our students got the counseling and the assistance that they needed," Hudson explains.

Parker Alumni Tracy Sears says the loss is felt throughout the entire community. "So now we have three more young men who are seniors whose lives have been snuffed away, so this is just devastating."

The Parker high school alumni association is rallying around the seniors to help them get through this tough time. "Already contacted the principal Darrell Hudson so they know that if there's anything they need us to do whether we just come in hold them and comfort them you know whatever we can do we are here for children because those are our kids. We are not biologically the mother and father but we are family," Sears explains.

Unfortunately, this is not the first hardship Birmingham City Schools has faced. School Board President Cheri Gardner says this has been a tough year. "I have been on the board now this is my fifth year and I don't ever recall a year that we had so many tragedies in one year and in such a short period of time," she explains.

It's only been about a month since Huffman High School lost aspiring nurse Courtlin Arrington in a school shooting. Now Parker High School is trying to cope with losing 3 students from their senior class. "So, we will have four seniors who were supposed to be walking across the stage for their diploma that will not be there and that is difficult," Gardner explains.

"Even though they are gone, they will never be forgotten. They will always be a part of A.H. Parker High School, Class of 2018," Hudson adds.

Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the wreck.

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