Huffman High students return to school Friday with increased security

Huffman High students return to school Friday with increased security

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Huffman High School students will return to school on Friday.

Birmingham City Schools Superintendent Dr. Lisa Herring said they plan to increase security at the school. In addition to increasing the number of student resource officers present in the school, additional officers will provide patrol and support both inside of the school and outside on the perimeter of the campus.

Birmingham City School administrators are also working to ramp up security at all schools from now on.

Birmingham police and school leaders are working together to find out what lead to a shooting inside Huffman High that left 17-year-old Courtlin Arrington dead and another student injured.

"The safety of the students and faculty is the most important to the police department as well as Birmingham City Schools. We will have an increased police presence in and around the school to make people understand that we do take the safety of those children as a high importance to the department," Lt. Peter Williston with Birmingham Police Department said.

Dr. Herring also met with the United Way, local pastors and mental health counselors about being on site to help support students and staff if they need someone to talk to during this time.

They are also seeking local organizations to help educate teachers and students on how to handle violence and have set up a school safety line for student to call and report violence or threats when they hear or might expect it.

"Where students will be encouraged to report what they know, hear or suspect when harm is being planned all callers will remain anonymous," Dr. Herring said.

The school also plans to utilize their metal detectors from now on and put more inside the schools. After conducting a safety survey of Huffman High School, they have decide they need to do a better job of securing all of the 43 access points into the school.

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