New proposed tariffs could impact Alabama breweries

New proposed tariffs could impact Alabama breweries

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Members of Alabama's growing brew-pub business is worried about the impact of President Donald Trump's proposed tariff program for steel and aluminum.

"The industry as a whole is booming. We have been looking at 15 years of close to double digit growth," Harris Stewart, Founder and CEO of TrimTab Brewing Company.

The brewery business in Birmingham is doing well since the state legalized the brew-pub business.

TrimTab Brewing Company has been enjoying a lot of success according to its founder and CEO Harris Stewart.

This room full of beer will be gone in about two weeks, but the president's proposed tariff on aluminum will add to their cost of doing business..

"It is going to hurt our industry by definition. We are a brewery. We package in kegs, 12-ounce, soon to be 16-ounce aluminum cans," Stewart said.

The Alabama Brewers Guild believes the tariff will have a nationwide effect on their industry.

"I just say we want to make sure it's understood, the cost is expected to be about 350 million to the American beverage industry," Dan Roberts, Executive Director of the Alabama Brewers Guild said.

While the impact could add cents to the cost of beer cans, that could end up impacting the operational cost of brew companies in Birmingham and across the country.

"We operate on a very small margin as all breweries of our size are. Our packaging cost is a huge component of that,"  Stewart said.

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