Social media users help injured dog recover

Social media users help injured dog recover
Facebook users have donated thousands of dollars to help Shay in her recovery.
Josephson's husband found the dog with a gash on her head and a swollen leg. (Source: WBRC)
Josephson's husband found the dog with a gash on her head and a swollen leg. (Source: WBRC)
Katherine Josephson (Source: WBRC)
Katherine Josephson (Source: WBRC)

ALABASTER, AL (WBRC) - A dog found near death at an abandoned car wash is on the mend, thanks to a community coming together.

The dog goes by Ricochet now, Shay for short, all because of how she's been able to bounce back from her serious injuries.

Shay is a playful, 5-month old dog.

But her demeanor is a stark contrast to how Katherine Josephson's husband found her last Monday.

Jospehson's husband sent her photos of the dog after finding her in an abandoned car wash bay, wrapped in a towel.

"I was just shocked," said Josephson. "I mean this poor puppy who was bleeding. I mean, it was very obvious that she needed medical attention."

Josephson's husband said he saw a woman in a black truck drop off the dog before driving away.

When he called 911, he didn't have much of a description to give to investigators.

"The police came out and looked at her," she said. "He felt like it was abuse, but said that because my husband did not witness the abuse, it would be hard to press charges."

So, Jospehson took to Facebook, looking for any suggestions for rescues.

She wasn't expecting such a huge response.

"Within two hours, it had blown up. I had people messaging me, people asking to donate, asking what they could do to help," said Josephson.

And those donations kept pouring in.

Josephson said she's already been able to pay off the $500 vet bill to fix up the gash on the dog's head.

She said she is close to reaching her goal of $3,000 for surgery to try and salvage the dog's fractured leg.

"I'd love to find the person or figure out what happened, absolutely. But my goal is to get her better," said Josephson.

Shay's surgery is scheduled for March. Then they'll decide whether her injured leg can be salvaged.

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