Woodfin administration quick to blast fake fundraising effort

Woodfin administration quick to blast fake fundraising effort
Birmingham City Hall.

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Woodfin administration was quick to blast a fundraising effort made in Mayor Randall Woodfin's name without his permission.

This is how the operation worked. Birmingham Businessman Bruce Pettway was approached by a man to donate money to the 'Woodfin Community Fund'. Pettway said the money was supposed to go towards helping with warming stations and food banks. Pettway wrote a check for $2,500.

The Better Business Bureau of Central Alabama advises anyone to check out people representing non-profits before giving them money.

"The Better Business Bureau always suggests you do research before agreeing to donate to a cause and ask important questions like how the money is actually going to the cause," Andi Kral said.

Pettway eventually contacted Woodfin's administration and learned something was not right.

The City Attorney put out a statement: "To be crystal clear, this is a rogue operation that has no association whatsoever with Mayor Woodfin. These actions will not be tolerated by this Administration. We believe these actions should be investigated and we have notified law enforcement," Nicole King said.

These types of operations are not unusual. "We hear people being scammed by fake businesses who are passing as non-profits all the time," Kral said.

Pettway has filed a police report and has been told the state attorney general's office is looking into the matter.

Pettway says he still doesn't have his money back. He does like supporting charity efforts in the city, but this has left a sour taste in his mouth.

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