AL Department of Education releases 2018 list of failing schools

AL Department of Education releases 2018 list of failing schools
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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The Alabama State Department of Education has released their annual list of failing schools across the state.

Many schools from across central Alabama are on the 2018 list.

A total of 14 schools from the Birmingham City School system are on the list.

County systems including schools are Jefferson with 2, 1 in Pickens, 2 in Sumter, 2 in Hale, and 1 in Walker.

Among city schools, there was 1 in Anniston, 2 in Bessemer, 2 in Fairfield, 2 in Midfield, and 2 in Tuscaloosa.

To view the entire list, look at the PDF below:

Officials with Birmingham City Schools, who had the most number of schools from any system in the state, released the following statement about the list on Wednesday:

Birmingham City Schools was recently notified of its schools named to the "failing schools" list. Nevertheless, the system's administration is committed to owning this performance data and utilizing it as a tool for continuous improvement to drive student achievement and professional growth. While the data was just released today, the system's administration had already begun, through the recent leadership transition, to put conditions, supports and strategies in place to improve both school and student performance.

"We are currently taking time to assess the failing schools data, as well as the data that will soon be publicly released on the state report card," said Superintendent Lisa Herring. "Although these won't be our only indicators, the data will be used to drive our strategy, our plan of execution and our movement toward excellence."

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