Residents at odds over keeping Cardiff a town

Residents at odds over keeping Cardiff a town

JEFFERSON COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Cardiff is the smallest town in Jefferson County and the seventh smallest in Alabama. The last census counted 55 residents - that's now down to about 47.

If you go to the Town Hall in Cardiff, you will see a legal notice that eight residents have called on the probate court to dissolve the city.

One of the residents is Patty Johnson. Johnson has complained to the mayor and council for years about city services. She questions whether they have the resources to fix various problems. "I would love for Cardiff to stay Cardiff, I just don't see how financially they can make it happen," Johnson said.

A court hearing was held Friday. Shirley Mitchell, the Cardiff Town Clerk, says those citizens have the right to file their petition, but she says most of those in Cardiff don't want a change. "The majority of our town members have stepped forward and said that is not what they want. We prefer to continue to be a town on our own," Mitchell said.

A petition has been launched with about 15 names on it to keep the town running.

Jefferson County Commissioner Jimmie Stephens says some small cities in Jefferson County should dissolve or merge with other cities to provide better services. "Right now, they don't have enough revenue in which to perform city services needed and necessary to have the quality of life these people deserve," Stephens said.

But Stephens says the commission stands ready to assist Cardiff if it dissolves or not. Those who want to keep Cardiff as a town are hoping to compromise with those who want to get rid of it. In the meantime, the next court hearing could happen in March or April.

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