Karle's Korner: Stop with the classless posts on social media

Karle's Korner: Stop with the classless posts on social media

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - How upset am I? As I sit writing this I'm shaking - but I want to thank Tide and Tiger fans for uniting over the weekend. Say what? Aren't we talking about the Iron Bowl? Yes - but thanks to fine people from both fan bases, Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts is feeling a little bit better today.

The Alabama sophomore's resume is stacked: The reigning SEC Offensive Player Of The Year, Jalen Hurts has gone 24-2 over the last two seasons. He's already the 2nd-leading rusher in UA history for quarterbacks. He has worked hard back home in Houston to help hurricane victims, he's befriended the folks at Tuscaloosa's Arts 'N Autism, and he recently attended the funeral of a young friend who died of cancer. He's thoughtful, he's patient, he's respectful…and just days ago his heart most certainly sunk.

He was called "an incompetent n**ger" by a low life on social media. This wasn't the first time Jalen has been called that name and it won't be the last, but the reaction to the tweet sent by @Bradcabs was sudden: Former Alabama players took to Twitter to back Jalen and bash a lowlife hiding behind his smart phone. Many current Bama players heard about it, and while Jalen had sworn off social media before the season, my guess is that he heard about it as well.

Why opine about one classless tweet? Because I'm impressed with the thousands of Tide and Tiger fans who stood up and did something about it: They shouted down the tweeter, and together alerted the proper people - the result? Twitter removed the account. While a bonehead called out Jalen this past weekend, I'm calling out @Bradcabs, who has resurfaced under different Twitter account names. They say social media reveals a person's character, and it was over the weekend that the character of this man was revealed.

A nineteen-year-old played his heart out Saturday only to be treated to a Tweet like this- yet while our country seems to be as divided as ever, I was glad to see the good people in our state work together to do the right thing. When I was growing up and things were getting a bit rowdy between the five siblings in our house, my dad would simply turn to us and say, "that's enough." We would stop our wrestling or roughhousing because we knew what might come next. Let's all stand up and say "that's enough" to classless tweets, and let's give our best to a fine young man in Jalen Hurts.

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