Bibb County Sheriff shares security plan with churches

Bibb County Sheriff shares security plan with churches

BIBB COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - Many churches in Bibb County met Tuesday night to talk new safety measures considering the Sutherland Springs church shooting.

Bibb County Sheriff Jody Wade broke down how churches can organize a security plan.

The first thing he suggests you do is create a security ministry with team members who've been long time faithful church members.

Then establish a policy to protect the church legally and have members get pistol permits.

Designate a leader of the team to assign duties like watch specific areas of the church using two-way radios.

Be aware of potential problems like domestic violence issues, child custody disputes, drug addiction and failing mental health, share with church stuff and the security team.

Conduct a needs assessment at your church and be observant of suspicious behavior like those who avoid people and eye contact.

"Churches because they are an easy target, especially rural churches a lot of them have no defense. We need to get an early warning you know if something odd happens to show up, but you also don't want to close your doors at all cause some people might need those services," said churchgoer Rick Lecroy.

Several representatives from congregations across Bibb County plan to take the information they learned back to their church members.

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