Some question God following church shooting, professor responds

Some question God following church shooting, professor responds

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - This church shooting tonight raising some difficult questions about how safe we can feel in church.

A UA Religious Studies professor breaks down where some Christians may choose to go from here.

Piercing images of witnesses outside of First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas continue to haunt us all, leaving some questioning God.

"Religious leaders have tried to figure out like terrible things happen, we believe in a God, we believe in a God that's in control of everything but it doesn't feel that way every time," said University of Alabama Religious Studies professor Michael Altman.

He explains when a traumatic event happens it can shake the Christian faith but it can also draw believers closer.

College student Ariele Ramsey seems to agree with Altman's theory.

"Weeping will endure for a night but in the morning joy will come, I know it's a negative thing but it can actually bring people together with the power of prayer," said Ramsey.

She also recognizes 26 people were gunned down  in a place that's supposed to be sacred.

"Now a days where can you feel safe, you can't feel safe at school, can't feel safe at church," said Ramsey.

 Altman said while there is fear and doubt, there's also been responses of hope.

"Kind of hearing reactions already, that the folks who died they believe are in a better place that they're with God," said Altman. "I think what you're going to see in the next days, weeks, is Christians searching their text, searching their traditions for the things they can pull out and hold on to in the face of a tragedy like this," said Altman.

First United Methodist Church had a prayer service for those victims, their loved ones and the entire town Monday afternoon.

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