Fans standing up for prayer

Updated: Nov. 6, 2017 at 10:28 PM CST
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TRUSSVILLE, AL (WBRC) - Hewitt-Trussville students and fans taking a stand for their beliefs.

They continue to pray at football games despite threats from the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

The freedom of religion foundation says it is a "serious violation of the First Amendment."

But members of this community refuse to let criticism and the possibility of a lawsuit from one organization stop them from praying before the game.

Chris Line with the Freedom from Religion Foundation is disappointed to see this continue after sending a letter to the superintendent asking them to stop.

"You know not everyone gets the chance to speak over the loud speaker and give their opinion but these Christian prayers are being a part of this school sponsored football game," Line explains.

Kelli Cooper, the mother of a football player completely disagrees and in fact she is thankful for people praying for her son before they hit the field.

"It is other students praying for the safety of the students on the field," she explains.

I spoke with two sophomores, Reagan Parker and Lacey Walker, who say praying before the game is doing much more than keeping the players safe.

"It unites everybody and it's cool to like look up and see everybody just together praying," Walker states.

"I think it is really amazing to see everyone take a stance showing what they believe and being proud of it," Parker explains.  

"It is student led and it is not being forced on by adults or teachers," Kelli Cooper explains.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation thinks the school needs to step in.

"They are allowing them to use the loud speaker so this is being broadcasted to all the student so it definitely has the authority of the school when it is being sent out to everyone," Line states.

The Freedom from Religion would not say if they plan to take more action against the school. Parents and students hope to see the prayers continue and say they are proud to be a part of it.

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