Miracle League of Tuscaloosa needs new baseball field for special needs players

Updated: Oct. 18, 2017 at 10:41 PM CDT
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TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, AL (WBRC) - The Miracle League of Tuscaloosa is in dire need of a new baseball field.

If they don't raise the money to pay for one, next season could be in jeopardy.

For several kids with disabilities and special needs, the baseball field feels like a second home.

Some of the wheelchair-bound children have gotten stuck in a patch like this and organizers want to fix that.

The field has had a series of repairs and has outrun room for more.

"It's time to keep these kids playing come this Spring, it's going to be a challenge come Spring to be able to play it like they have it now," said President John Miller.

"It has to be that specific softer cushion feel for the special needs kids," said Kathryn Taylor Marketing Director.

In order to get exactly what the players need, The League has to raise about $20,000  to bring in a new and improved field.

"This is just their highlight to be able to come out and play and feel normal, " said Taylor.

The  League President John Miller said he's seen first hand what the program can do.

"I was told from day one he'd never walk normal, he'd never play baseball so when I witnessed it happened it was just like a miracle happen it was God's work," said Miller.

He's speaking of his son who has Cerebral  Palsy.

"If you're part of this league it's passionate," said Miller.

The League preaches about breaking down barriers and eliminating obstacles, well in order to do that, they want to make sure their players feel comfortable on the field.

"It is becoming unsafe so we want to make sure they have no worries here when they are playing," said Taylor.

Here's the link to Miracle League of Tuscaloosa's Go Fund Me Account if you want to donate to help them get a new much-needed field:

Click here to support Repairing the Miracle League Field organized by...

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