New poll shows near tie in Alabama Senate Race

New poll shows near tie in Alabama Senate Race

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - The numbers tell it, this could be a close senate race.

A Fox Poll shows Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones are neck and neck at 42 percent each.

"I was very shocked if this is a true indication of the polls," said State Rep. and co-chair of President Trump's Alabama campaign Jim Carns.

He said, what the polls could reflect is the fact Moore hasn't really started to campaign for December's election.

"He spent a lot of money in the primary in June and then he had to spend a lot of money in the run-off in September so he's probably getting his troops organized again to come forth with another massive campaign. If you read the small print, I think the people on the highways and byways will stick by Roy Moore."

Carns said he's seen this before, during the presidential election.

"Donald Trump was anywhere from four to six points out to be losing the day of the election and he won by about three to four points. What happened when I came back and did the research is when people were polling they did not want to admit it wasn't politically correct to admit that they were a person that was supporting Donald Trump I think there some of that here."

The poll was conducted by phone last week where they tapped 800 Alabama voters. Those backing Moore, said it's his Christian beliefs and party loyalty.

People who supported Jones also said it was based on party loyalty and they thought Moore was too extreme.

"There's a lot of opposition to Roy Moore. They don't think he is the face of the state that we need projecting our image in the U.S. Senate," said John Saxon who once ran Bill Clinton's Alabama Campaign.

Saxon said the polls reflect three things opposition to Moore, the very bitter primary among republicans, but most importantly the Democrats finally have a strong candidate.

"Doug Jones is a very good candidate. A lot of people in this area know Doug. He's a great guy. He's qualified and that's important because in recent years, democrats have succeeded and not put people up."

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