Our House: Latest remodeling trends

Updated: Aug. 24, 2017 at 11:45 AM CDT
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Liz Kennedy, Designer with Lovette Construction, joined us with a look at the latest trends in home remodeling. She says the current trends in home remodeling focus on bright, open and accessible. She says we are a society that wants everything and we want it now.  Creative storage, open spaces and natural light are always at the top of the list for a remodel project. Antique pieces or replica antique finishes are also really big in the industry right now. 2017 is going to continue with the trends into 2018. The grays are still going to be in but they are trending towards more neutral and warm gray tones rather than cool gray tones. Also, new finishes are trending with the matte black plumbing and polished and brushed brass are here to stay!

She says she has a lot of people wanting to do whole house projects right now. The initial call will start as a kitchen remodel but then after opening walls, adding space and creating living areas, it turns into a whole floor remodel. Things that are easy DIY projects to update would be painting cabinetry, changing out fixtures and changing out hardware. When you are wanting to reconfigure a space, move walls or completely overhaul what is there and start over, that is definitely a professional job! She has seen homeowners get started and need professional help to finish and then it ends up costing more in the end than if the pros did it from the than if we were to have done it from the beginning. For more ideas from Liz, visit www.lovetteconstruction.com.

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