On Your Side Investigation: Leaky Lease

On Your Side Investigation: Leaky Lease

CENTER POINT, AL (WBRC) - A Center Point woman says she's been paying more than a thousand dollars in water bills over the past few months for water she's not using.

"It's been almost a year now and I'm just about tired of it," Markeesha Nickerson says. "It's caused me many, a lot of disappointments, a lot of financial turmoil, and I'm just really really done with it."

She moved into a Center Point apartment about a year ago, and almost immediately noticed her water bills were way too high.

"Bills ranging from $400, $500, $900 all the way up to $1,000 a month," Nickerson says.

She called the Birmingham Water Works twice, and says both times the crews said it's clear the water pooling on her sidewalk and under her window - and nowhere else along her building - is a leak in the water pipes going into her apartment.

"They said the amount of water that's being wasted at my complex is the equivalent of an Olympic-sized swimming pool," Nickerson reports.

Markeesha showed us all of her records of times she called the apartment office, showed up in person, or sent a note asking for the managers to fix the problem and stop her from having to pay water bills that kept climbing. She paid more than $1,100 between December and April, and that was just to keep the water on, not cover the entire bill.

Markeesha says she never heard back from the property manager, so we decided to drop in and get some answers.

"By law we are not allowed to discuss a resident account with anyone other than the resident, so I apologize but I'm not allowed to comment," the property manager told us.

"I'm not asking for her account status, I'm asking if you're going to address the issue?" asked On Your Side Investigator Jonathan Hardison.

"I cannot discuss anything about what I've done for her or anyone else. I will say for many of the residents, not one particular resident, but many of the residents I have been down to Birmingham Water Works several times and I am working with the service workers because they have not been reading these meters and we've got evidence of that as well," the manager stated.

Markeesha says she's still waiting for a response to her concerns, and says she plans to move when her lease is up in the fall.

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