Haleyville teen struck by lightning while working at McDonald's

Teen struck by lightning in Haleyville
Published: Jul. 6, 2017 at 11:15 AM CDT|Updated: Jul. 6, 2017 at 7:45 PM CDT
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(Source: Faith Mobley)
(Source: Faith Mobley)
(Source: Faith Mobley)
(Source: Faith Mobley)

HALEYVILLE, AL (WBRC) - A Haleyville teenager is recovering at UAB Hospital Thursday morning after being struck by lightning while working at McDonald's Wednesday afternoon.

Faith Mobley, 16, says she was washing a gravy bowl when she saw a flash of light outside.

She says the lightning hit the building, traveled through the water to her body, went through her drive-thru headset, went through her body and exited through her foot and shoe.

She even has a hole in her shoe where the lightning exited.

"When it hit, I seen a flash of light right in front of me and somebody actually had to catch me because I went to fall backwards," she said. "When it hit, everything just tightened up, muscles spasmed and everything went numb"

Mobley says she had a blister on her foot Wednesday, but it was gone by Thursday morning.

She says when the lightning hit her she fell backwards and a coworker caught her. Her coworkers called an ambulance and they rushed her to UAB Hospital to the burn center.

"It was like 20 people in the room and they took me straight to trauma and the burn center because there was a burn on my foot and like everyone else was just watching," she said. "And later I thought everyone was supposed to be in there, and they said they were just really amazed by the story."

Doctors checked her over and, for the most part, she was fine with the exception of a few strange phenomena.

She's worn glasses for years, but since the strike, she says she sees just fine without them.  And then there's the color of her eyes.

Mobley says they used to be dark green.

"This is the first time I've ever seen or heard of this, but it's a great thing that it happened and we're very happy for her," said Dr. James Hwang.

He heads up the UAB's Burn Center where Faith spent the night.

He says because she was inside when she was hit, it protected her somewhat.

"Oh, she's very fortunate.  She's very fortunate.  Some of these injuries can be horrific.  I've seen peoples' hands blown off.  I've seen their legs blown off," he said.

Mobley is expected to be released from the hospital later Thursday. Even though she's only 16, Mobley is a student at Bevill State Community College.

She skipped several grades and graduated high school in May.

Mobley says she's thankful to be ok and looking forward to returning to her classes and work.

Faith says the situation has strengthened her faith in God.

"Well, I think the Lord was with me the entire time," she said with a smile.

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