Dry chemicals found in old Ensley High School

Dry chemicals found in old Ensley High School

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Potentially dangerous dry chemicals found in the old Ensley High School.

We received pictures from a man who takes photos of vacant buildings around the southeast. The pictures show things like aluminum sulfate and lead nitrate in an old science lab.

Those who live near the school are concerned vandals could break in and cause the chemicals to ignite.

"That makes you scared," said Betty Yow, who lives nearby.

After becoming aware of the chemicals, Birmingham City Schools says it properly disposed of them Wednesday.

The school district found several bottles of dry chemicals in sealed containers. They say they aren't hazardous and add there's no way of really knowing when the pictures were taken.

The district says when the school closed in 2004, all hazardous materials were removed.

Neighbors would like to see the old school remodeled and turned into a community center instead of sitting empty and possibly inviting crime to it.

"Just need it because the neighborhood is going down..need something to bring it back up," Yow added.

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