Community supports elderly man who received hateful letter asking to remove his Christmas lights

Updated: Mar. 3, 2017 at 9:15 PM CST
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HOMEWOOD, AL (WBRC) - Lights, wreaths and an inflatable penguin with a Santa hat on cover a neighborhood near downtown Homewood.

You would think it's Christmas in this neighborhood, but it's actually to support an elderly man known as "Mr. Frank" who lives in a white house on the corner of Roxbury and Huntington Roads.

Someone in the neighborhood recently sent him a hateful letter asking him to remove his Christmas decorations and clean up his yard. The note says it's bringing down property values. Towards the end, the unidentified writer tells Frank it might be in his best interest to sell his home so that a new one can be built.

Frank shared the letter with his neighbor Kris Griffin.

"I read the letter and it was extremely rude and disrespectful and I got very upset. The fact that somebody was telling him he had to take them down and telling him that he should remove his flowers and that he should consider moving and all that we just thought it was incredibly and basically amounted to bullying," Griffin said.

The neighborhood is tight-knit. Neighbors stick up for each other. Mr. Frank is known for putting up "Kids Zone" signs to warn drivers to slow down because children are playing. As a show of support, Kris put the word out and pretty much the entire neighborhood put up every Christmas light they could find.

"The neighbors do not feel that way. This person does not represent all of us and so we decided that if that person does not like the look of Christmas lights then we'll just give them plenty of Christmas lights to look at," Griffin said.

"Pretty awesome. I know all the kids are enjoying it. It gives us some solidarity throughout the community," nearby neighbor Rett Grover said.

Mr. Frank didn't want to go on camera and doesn't care too much for the limelight. We're told he's received numerous letters of support from kids in the area. One reads: "Dear Mr. Frank, I'm sorry that person wrote that note. We do not want you to leave."

Neighbors are still trying to find out who actually sent the hateful note. In the meantime, they say that person can just enjoy all their Christmas lights because they aren't taking them down anytime soon.

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