Gov. Bentley reveals Rebekah Mason traveled with Ala. delegation to presidential inauguration

Gov. Bentley reveals Rebekah Mason traveled with Ala. delegation to presidential inauguration

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Friday, Governor Robert Bentley revealed that his ex-aide and alleged mistress Rebekah Mason traveled with the Alabama delegation to President Donald Trump's inauguration.

After the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama luncheon, Bentley was asked who traveled with him on the state plane to the Jan. 20 inauguration of President Donald Trump.

Bentley answered with a list of officials and staffers that included Jon Mason and his wife, Rebekah Mason. Bentley added that he brought a special guest but did not name that person.

On a mobile device? Watch the video of Bentley discussing his D.C. guest list here.

Reporters followed up this answer, asking why Rebekah Mason would travel on such a trip since she is no longer part of the Governor's staff or a state employee. Bentley answered that she traveled along because she is Jon's wife.

Jon Mason is the Director of Serve Alabama, which promotes volunteerism and faith-based initiatives in the state.

A University of Alabama political science professor said Governor Bentley bringing along Mason to D.C. while an active investigation and lawsuit naming them both is pending, raises a big question of ethics.

"Nobody knows what happened except for the Governor, except Rebekah, except for Jon. Those are the only three people that know what happened. It absolutely could be for legitimate purposes but it does raise the question of timing," said University of Alabama Assistant professor Allen Linken.

Bentley and Rebekah Mason are at the center of a political scandal for their alleged affair. They are both named in a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by former ALEA Secretary Spencer Collier. Bentley's former head of security also filed a civil lawsuit against the pair.

Assistant professor Linken said having the Masons go along with the Governor to Washington, D.C. could be looked at right now as a conflict of interest.

"Alabama has a conflict of interest law which essentially states that public elected officials people that have the public's trust won't use their office for private gain, won't mix their private affairs in the public's business," said Linken.

The Alabama legislature had begun impeachment proceedings against Bentley because of allegations he misused state resources in his relationship with Mason but suspended their work after Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange said his office was investigating Bentley.

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