Billing problems and possible solutions discussed at BWWB meeting

Billing problems and possible solutions discussed at BWWB meeting

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Residents expressed concerns over high water bills and problems processing payments at Thursday's Birmingham Water Works Board meeting.

"It's time for an a** chewing," said board member William Muhammad.

Muhammed is frustrated over what he calls a "crisis." He says he first learned of problems processing customer payments in December. He's "irate" that issues continue.

Customers complain they can't pay the bills online, have long wait times on the phone and experience long lines when they try to pay in person. Some also say bills are too high and they have difficulty getting answers about how their bills are calculated.

The water works board blames a new billing system for the slow payment process.

One solution discussed was hiring more people to handle customer service and billing.

"We need to hire as many people as we can hire to get down in that center to answer calls, to help people work this crisis out. It is a crisis," Muhammad said.

"I think Mac [Underwood] here is going to add some more people to help on the billing system," said board member Tommy Joe Alexander.

No final decision on hiring people was made. Chairwoman Sherry Lewis was absent from the meeting and board members want her present before they make a decision.

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