Our House: Winter-proofing your house

Updated: Nov. 29, 2016 at 11:54 AM CST
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Winter brings cooler temps and opportunity for higher utility bills if you have any issues in your home with airflow, ductwork or insulation. Making your home more energy efficient and safer results in greater comfort, lower utility bills, and a reduced impact on the environment. The three biggest negatives are air-flow issues, ductwork issues, and insulation issues. These three issues can affect your home and cost you money. Knowing where to start is so important. Install weather stripping around entry doors and attic doors and properly sealing penetrations where air can find its way from an attic or crawlspace/basement. Of course, warmer air will always migrate to cooler air so making sure that attic is insulated properly is key.  If you purchase a new home make sure it has been properly tested for airflow and ductwork leakage before buying. Most municipalities require these tests during construction. For more information and videos on how to check your home, visit

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