Nurses learn self-defense at Irondale gun range

Nurses learn self-defense at Irondale gun range

IRONDALE, AL (WBRC) - A group of Birmingham nurses took their safety into their own hands Monday afternoon. They participated in a self defense gun training course.

"You know in the world that we live in today, I think knowledge is power," said Leighton Ratliff, one of the participants.

Ratliff asked several coworkers, all nurses at a Birmingham hospital, to go through the course with her. They learned how to use guns properly in case they are ever forced to defend themselves.

"Being comfortable and knowing how to use guns safely is of the utmost importance," said Ratliff.

"Well what we're trying to do is teach the students how to react appropriately in a home invasion," said instructor David McCullough.

While knowing how to shoot is important, McCullough also believes so is analyzing all the options.

"The best way to win a confrontation is to avoid it.  So they can have an option in their home, just because they could shoot doesn't mean they should," he said.

It's an exercise in teaching defense as much as safety.

"We appreciate the citizens taking classes like this, showing an interest in firearm safety," said Irondale Police Sergeant Mark Meadows.

"Now we can go home knowing that we are safer and we have more knowledge," said Ratliff.

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