Record number of wildfires hit Alabama

Record number of wildfires hit Alabama
Source: Hannah Ward/WBRC

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Fire crews responded to 65 wildfires in Alabama on Sunday, a record number for the past two weeks, according to authorities.

Coleen Vansant with the Alabama Forestry Commission says there have been 621 wildfires in Alabama in the last 30 days, and 302 of those have been in the last seven days.

Vansant said Monday morning there were four active fires in our viewing area: two in Jefferson County, one in Calhoun County and one in Cullman County.

She said fire crews from South Alabama have responded to the northern part of the state to assist with these large fires.

Three people from Coffee and Covington counties are stationed in Jefferson County, two people are stationed in Talladega County and one person is stationed in Shelby County.

Vansant said we started the fall fire season in a prolonged drought and the cold front that came through 10 days ago brought low humidity and high winds, which has been the recipe for a perfect storm.

Vansant said they're having a hard time putting enough water on these fires to extinguish them completely. Mostly crews are containing the fires and making sure they don't threaten any structures.

Eighty percent of the fires they are responding to are threatening structures or homes.

"The situation is beyond critical right now," Vansant said. "Arson and debris burning are the main causes for these fires and we are not sure why the public is not cooperating. Please stop all debris burning."

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