Owners of Birmingham Trades Tower facing 2 more lawsuits

Owners of Birmingham Trades Tower facing 2 more lawsuits
Trades Towers on the day of the fire, Oct. 26, 2015. Source: Judson Garner/WBRC

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Months after a fire at a senior living facility, lawsuits against the owner continue to pile up and residents continue their fight to get back in the facility.

According to court documents, Georgia Holding LLC, the company that owns the Birmingham Build Trades Towers owes CRM services LLC $1.9 million.

The records say CRM was hired for reservation, odor control and mitigation services after a fire there last year.

CRM has filed suit citing breach of contract. Georgia Holdings LLC answers in court denying that (CRM) "is, or can be, registered to do business in Alabama."

The court response also says CRM should not recover any money "because it was at all times relevant to this action, acting as an unlicensed general contractor in the State of Alabama."

In another complaint filed against Georgia Holding LLC, Stabilis Fund IV, LP has asked the court for a receiver "to take control and stabilize the situation."

The documents say the lender wants to repair and restore the facility to an "operating, habitable and code-compliant housing facility in accordance with governing HUD requirements."

Residents evacuated the building in Oct. 2015. They have not been able to return to the building since the fire.

Residents left personal items like dentures, medical devices and clothes. Attorney Frank Buck represents several of the residents.

"It is a very sad situation for all the tenants who have not been allowed to get their belongings. We will never give up. We are in this for the duration," Buck said.

In the meantime, most former residents have found new apartments.

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