40 high schoolers attend UA's STEM camp

40 high schoolers attend UA's STEM camp

TUSCALOOSA, AL (WBRC) - Not all summer camps are equal. At the University of Alabama, instructors hope to train the next generation of scientists and engineers by finding them in high school.

Forty kids packed in a computer lab included some of the smartest in Alabama's Black Belt.

"I try to talk to the counselors and the people over the camp because they give me insight on what the college life is like and also what the STEM basically is and how it's a growing field," camper Tranita Harris said.

They're participating in UA's STEM Entrepreneurship Academy. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Many of these teenagers aren't exposed to these studies at advanced levels at their high schools.

"There's nothing but opportunity and excitement and we're hoping that introduction and opportunity within this camp will give them that, and then it will spread like a virus to everyone that they come in contact with," STEM Camp Director Rosianne Gray explained.

"I want to take advantage of what I've been shown by like showing other students in my school what's going on," camper Matthew Rox said.

Instructors want to inspire them to consider fields in science and technology in college.

That may be years away for some of these campers, but it's already something many of them look forward to.

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