Well-known Birmingham DJ remembered at vigil

Published: Jul. 4, 2016 at 2:37 AM CDT|Updated: Jul. 4, 2016 at 3:06 AM CDT
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Source: WBRC video
Source: WBRC video

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Katrina Holman, known to the community as "Mz. Katt, Dirty South Diva," passed away Friday from health complications.

"They could tell us what it wasn't, but they never could pin what it was. She went in and said she was feeling bad and it just went down from there. It caught everyone off guard. We really wasn't expecting this," Holman's Brother Larry Holman said.

Family, friends, and fans remembered Holman on Sunday with a vigil.

"She brought people together from all aspects of life, from all parts of the country. To be able to impact that many people and that diverse of crowd and have them unified as one, that should be the ground work for others to build on, not just in this city, but around the country," continued Holman.

Holman a Birmingham native, pushed local artists through her platform Alabama Now. Chris Grant was one of the artists that Holman helped.

"She put a lot of artist in places where they didn't think they would be, like me for one. She built fans for me. She got me working. People call me because of her," Grant said.

He described her as an angel on earth.

"She brought a lot of people together, a lot of people who didn't want to come together. She did that and that's why her impact is so heavy," Grant added.

"She's local and she understands the issues of the community and she made sure that was put out through her work every day," said fellow radio personality Dana "Lady Woo" Woodruff.

For those who knew her away from airwaves, said Holman was a kind spirit and heavily involved in the community.

"You meet a lot of good people, but you don't meet people who are always good, always great. She wasn't perfect, but she was a great person," continued Woodruff.

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