Bike Safety: Rules of road for bikes

Bike Safety: Rules of road for bikes

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - Riding against traffic may seem safer because you can see traffic coming but state law says bikes are vehicles and must ride with the flow of traffic.

The law also limits bicycle use on sidewalks to children and police officers.

It is also important for cyclists to use hand signals.

"You'll be safest when you communicate where you're going, well before you get there," UAB Police Captain Bryan Fields said.

He trains all bike officers in Alabama.

These are the hand signals you should know:

Left turn: Hold your left arm out straight from your body

Right turn: Bend your left arm at a right angle and hold your hand up OR hold your right arm out straight

Stop: Hold your left hand down with your palm facing behind you

Be alert. Don't assume cars and pedestrians can see you, make sure you are on the lookout for them.

Thank you to Birmingham police officers, Charles Lewis, Orlando McKinley and Daryl Wilhite for helping us demonstrate safe cycling.

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