Fairfield next city to implement red light traffic cameras

Fairfield next city to implement red light traffic cameras

FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - You may want to think twice about speeding, especially in Fairfield.

Drivers failing to stop at a red light could soon be hit with a ticket thanks to the Fairfield Red Light Safety Act, a bill sponsored by Representative Merika Coleman.

It allows the city to install red light cameras passed and not everyone supports the idea.

"It could be a good thing for the drivers who do not pay attention to the red lights. Maybe this could be a positive reinforcement to get them to stop at the red lights," said Ariel West.

"I think it's not helping. It's hurting. I don't think Fairfield is trying to get over on us community just to get money, but I understand why they're doing it," said Luther Young.

Mayor Kenneth Coachman said it could generate some revenue to the city, but says this is also about safety. Council President Darnell Gardner agreed.

"We can't have a police officer at every light. This is only thing we're concerned about and that's the safety of citizens on Fairfield," said Gardner.

There's no upfront costs for the camera. The company installing the red light cameras will collect a percentage of the fines collected from violators.

"It's a win-win for the city, in every way. Any time you can a project like this going it definitely helps. The only thing we will have to work on are the particulars like the tickets, the cost on them and we're headed that way right now," continued Gardner.

Tickets could reach up to $100. Tickets are only civil citations and won't go on your driving insurance record.

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