Woman turns her tragedy into an effort to help others

Woman turns her tragedy into an effort to help others

BESSEMER, AL (WBRC) - It's still hard for Tameka Walker to discuss the death of her child.

"In May of 2014 I lost my son," Walker said. "I had been to the doctor and told I was OK. … Apparently I wasn't ok.

Walker said she was in preterm labor.

"I was bleeding and I was in pain. Got to the hospital and they really did nothing," Walker said. "I was sent home in labor. Eventually I had my son at home."

"I have beat myself up every single day because I feel that I did not do enough to save my baby. I went to the hospital. The place that was supposed to help us. I trusted this doctor and she failed me," Walker continued.

To make matters worse, Walker said she had a hard time getting insurance or assistance with making arrangements to bury her son who died at 21 weeks old.

"One cemetery told me $5,000 for my son," Walker said. "That really pushed me and inspired me to start the organization."

"Some women's backs are against the wall because they are not able to get those funds as quickly as they need to bury a baby so the resort to cremation," Walker added.

So Walker started Khairi and Little Angels' Memorial, a non-profit designed to help with burial expenses for families who have lost an infant from age 20 weeks to up to 12 months.

"The standard of care was breached tremendously in my case and I don't want another woman to go through what I went through," Walker said. "Her organization currently has a petition online calling for tougher legislation that addresses similar pre labor complaints against doctors. Doctors who do wrong should be held accountable for their actions," Walker added.

The two-part legislation would also require that pregnant women with pre labor complications be admitted to the hospital.

"I want it to be a law where they keep them in the hospital 2-3 days because anything can happen in that time," Walker said. "I know I cannot take away all of the pain so I decided to start the organization to at least ease some of the pain."

For more information about the organization or to sign the petition go to www.klamemorial.org

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