Rep. Craig Ford says he will support impeachment if Bentley doesn't resign

Rep. Craig Ford says he will support impeachment if Bentley doesn't resign

MONTGOMERY, AL (WBRC) - Alabama Representative Craig Ford says with all trust gone in Governor Robert Bentley, he should step down immediately or face impeachment.

This is the result of a cheating scandal involving Bentley and his former top political aide, Rebekah Mason.

"The only thing we know that is true is that anything the Governor says is not true," Ford said. "The Governor should resign immediately. If he doesn't resign, the legislature should impeach him immediately."

Craig said he is looking forward to working with House Republicans, represented by Rep. Ed Henry, on potential impeachment proceedings. Henry told media on Wednesday that he intends to carry articles of impeachment for the removal of Bentley from office.

Henry, who represents Cullman, Marshall and Morgan Counties, has said he has agreed to bring the resolution and hopes to have it ready to go when lawmakers return to Montgomery next Tuesday. Henry said articles will be brought on incompetence, ineffective leadership, and moral turpitude regarding the alleged affair.

Ford said that this move is not about Bentley's personal life, but if Bentley misused state resources and taxpayer funds to conduct the affair.

"He's been lying about the affair and how the affair took place," Ford said. "We're not interested in the affair, that's his personal business. We're interested in how it took place, misuse of state funds, using taxpaying dollars to facilitate his affair using the state plane."

Ford hopes that Bentley will resign, saying impeachment proceedings will "waste" taxpayer money and legislators' time that would be put towards typical legislative activities.

Lawmakers have also advised that former Alabama Secretary of Law Enforcement Spencer Collier met with U.S. Attorney George Beck. However, the U.S. Attorney's Office could not confirm or deny the meeting.

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