Chelsea mayor fed up with wrecks on Hwy. 280

Good evening from the WBRC FOX6 Newsroom. This is Jonathan Hardison with a look at the stories we're following for you tonight:

If it seems like you're hearing or watching us report a lot more wrecks on Highway 280, it's not just your imagination—and now Chelsea's mayor is stepping up to do something about it. Tonight on WBRC FOX6 News at 9, Sherea Harris is talking to Chelsea's mayor about how slow he wants you to go and how soon you'll see these changes.

Imagine finding out from Facebook that your long-lost sister is looking for you, and that it turns out you have five more siblings you never knew about! That's what a Tuscaloosa man is in the middle of experiencing right now and new on WBRC FOX6 News at 10 you'll meet these siblings before they even get to meet each other!

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